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The State of the Art Video Conference ESL Course with Live Instructors

You can sign up here for the ESL live and private video course. Go to the course catalog or go to our Facebook store at:

After students sign up, the private virtual classroom link will be emailed. The ESL Excellence Institute is offering ESL  courses in  state of the art conference rooms. These classes are being offered in addition to the traditional ESL, reading, writing and listening courses. 

Go to the course catalog to see the details regarding the courses offered.  
The lessons are 100%  live  with licensed TESOL instructors working with students via the internet. After logging into the virtual classroom, you will communicate with the instructor in real time. A typical live-online session is 50 minutes.

Instruction is administered  the same way as a traditional private class, students and teachers talk to one another. For the duration of the lesson, the instructor interacts with you, directing and empowering you to perform at your highest potential.

Vocabulary exercises are used extensively to induce varied speaking capabilities.  At the end of the lesson, the student saves the live lesson on his/her desktop, iPad, or phone, and review it as often as needed.

All ESL classes are led by NYS licensed, certified and experienced TESOL instructors.The ESL courses have  been designed for English language learners who can communicate fluently in English but with such limited vocabulary, reading and writing skills that they cannot function successfully in mainstream English instruction and or work environments.

Consequently, these lessons focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as the content areas of ESL. This includes US history and government, science, math, citizenship, and more. The lessons emphasize the integration of the above areas as well as the assimilation of critical reading ability, public speaking skills, vocabulary development, and writing. 

Finally, these lessons were created to teach techniques that build students’ use of literal, inferential, and critical thinking skills. 


Students not ready to invest in their education yet, can sign up for free ESL audio lessons and free ESL materials at:http://www.theeslexcellenceinstitute.comor