About The ESL Excellence Institute

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The ESL Excellence Institute is an online, research based English as a Second Language service provider. This entity has been designed to service the limited English proficient student who is educated in his or her native language and simply seeks to transfer his or her expertise to the English language. The targeted audience includes doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, college, high school and or junior high school students.

Instruction is designed for ESL students who can communicate somewhat fluently in English, but demonstrate fragile, conversation, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing skills. These students have a limited vocabulary and grasp of English concepts. The conversation classes are designed to improve linguistic competence in speaking English because of the students’ inability to speak, read, or write without numerous errors in English grammar and usage.

The courses recognize that the mistakes made are usually not those of a native speaker of English, but of someone experiencing a great deal of interference from another language system. Consequently, the lessons are modified to meet the needs of ESL students at varying levels. The instructional strategies focus on dealing with language interference as opposed to native remedial instruction. The classes are one on one, group based and or customized. The students decide. The instructional sessions are 30 minutes or longer.

The ESL Excellence Institute educators hold Master’s degrees in TESOL education as well as NYS Teaching licenses. They are prepared to teach the literate and the non literate equally.

The ESL Excellence Institute is distinctive because of its flexible scheduling, commitment to ESL excellence, and client centered instruction and implementation. Services are available daytime, evening, and weekends throughout the year. Courses are scheduled during these times to accommodate the schedules of studentsCourses are held in state of the art conference rooms.

Finally, in addition to the conversation courses, we offer college level listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar courses. The intake procedure includes registration and taking a class. We look forward to interesting and fun classes while students learn English. We guarantee that all paid for classes will be completed according to the student’s customization. Parents are welcomed to study with younger students in the state of the art virtual classrooms. All are welcomed. Thank you.


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